Borough needs attitude adjustment

I have worked with mayoral candidate Fred Sturman for over a decade.  The first initiative we worked on together was the 2001 initiative that, thankfully, stopped the private prison in its tracks. Since then he has co-sponsored at least seven more that I can think on which I've helped collect signatures. He is a tireless worker, and has put his own money and his own time where his mouth is. How many other people running for office can say that?

One initiative, however, that we could not work on was the one that this borough sorely needs: a cap on revenue. The Borough must live within its means, and increase its size faster than the taxpayers' ability to pay. This would help to ensure that living on the Kenai Peninsula would continue to be affordable for our families, our children and our grandchildren. Many beautiful areas like Jackson Hole, the Colorado Rockies, etc have experienced rampant inflation of property values to the extent that ordinary people can no longer afford to live there.

Fairbanks has had a successful revenue cap for almost two decades, thanks to the tireless efforts of their local taxpayer watchdog group. Unfortunately, because of the attitude of our local government officials, Fred Sturman and the rest of the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayer members could not even get the same Fairbanks revenue cap approved for collection. Does state law really change the further south you go?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Vote in the same old politicians, and nothing will ever change. Vote in Fred Sturman on October 25th, and he will put people above politics. We need an attitude adjustment!


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