Sturman will make sure voters are heard

I have seen many elections come and go, and it seems clear that 'career politicians' will say one thing and do another.
Most of them tell you what you want to hear and then they go and do what they want. It's time to try something different, and elect someone who will really try to serve the people, not themself.

Fred Sturman may not have actual experience being an elected official, but over the past had proved that he listens to the people and honestly works to do what they want. He has freely contributed his time, efforts and money to get voter initiatives on the ballot. Most of those issues would not have been addressed by the career politicians, but the people voted in favor of them.

Sometimes the elected officials do not, or will not, answer the wishes of the voters, and we need someone who will fight to allow the people  to voice their wishes. Fred has stepped forward numerous times and worked for that goal. He has saved a lot of your tax dollars and he is a fighter for the people.

Please ask yourself if you want more of the same or if you want a fighter who will make sure the voice of the voters is heard. Who do you want making those decisions?

Vote for Fred Sturman for Borough Mayor!


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