Support Fred Sturman for Borough Mayor

In response to Marion Nelson's previous letter to the editor (Oct. 12) making a pitch for Mike Navarre for borough mayor, she claims, according to Mike Navarre, that by pouring more money per student into the education of that student produces a more intelligent student. That is a slap in the face to all the educators and school systems thirty, forty, or even a hundred years who only had a fraction of today's funds to work with, and produced brighter more intellectual students. There has to be a limit on money wasted on education. Fred is not afraid to honestly address this. She claims Mike Navarre is the true conservative but we have seen many times to the contrary. He strongly supported a new $50,000,000 multi-use facility that actually had projected cost overruns of another $30,000 at a time of severe economic downturn in this area such as with Agrium and Phillips LNG plants closing. Is that being conservative? One only has to look now at the bankruptcy of the city of Wenatchee, Wash., who built the Toyoto Multi Use Center, against the wishes of the majority of the voters, which in turn has completely undermined that city's economic base. Fred Sturman is the real conservative with common sense. Mike's tactics of barnstorming to get results won't work this time. We've seen enough of that over the past three years with Obama. If Mike is so conservative, why all the pork barrel proposals during his previous three years as borough mayor? Spend Spend Spend.

She insinuates and insults Fred's education, literacy, credibility and computer savy. Shame Shame. What about Abe Lincoln? He didn't have a Blackberry at his disposal. He was primarily self educated and knew how to communicate extraordinarily well without a computer. Computers are just fads that come and go constantly, good common sense leaders are hard to find. Was Lincoln not a great spokesperson? Great leaders know how to lead. Fred doesn't need a teleprompter to get his point across like someone we know who claims to be our great leader who stutters and stammers without it. Fred is not a lifetime politician as is his opponent. As far as Fred getting his point across, no problem there. Liberals and conservatives alike will have no problem understanding him.

The time has come to elect a borough mayor who truly values the future of the Kenai. Fred is more than capable to lead us through these tough times when our country, our state and our borough is being taxed to the limit. Fred thinks like mainstream Americans not like disconnected politicians.

Be sure to vote on Tuesday October 25 and get your friends out who only vote occasionally. If you let your conscience be your guide and want to be fiscally responsible vote for the real conservative, Fred Sturman. He'll save you some bucks.


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