Fire Fish and Game managers

I realize my title appears outlandish; I am attempting to make a point about the history of fish and game mismanagement in Alaska. Why do we have such poor management of our fish and game? Why did it take decades for ADF&G to implement predator control across Cook Inlet in Unit 16? Why has it taken decades for our fish biologists to realize we do not have adequate escapement on Kenai River king salmon? Why has the moose population declined so steeply in the past decade on the Kenai Peninsula, and our game managers not identified the real cause? Why is the Kenai Peninsula overrun with brown bears; the moose calve survival is extremely low; and yet our managers declare we can't have a meaningful brown bear season?

In the U.S. business world consumers "vote with their feet" with future purchases if they are not satisfied. Businesses declare bankruptcy and other businesses provide the goods and services that the consumer demands. The consumer needs are met and the results look like Walmart, Apple, Best Buy, MacDonalds, the Super Bowl winner, etc. We have a system of fish and game management that is similar to our utility monopolies; we the consumer do not get the best goods and services at the best price. 

We The People must demand accountability by our fish and game managers. I believe we need the option of putting fish and game management problems out for competitive bid to private companies. We must remove as many monopolies in our nation as is feasible for the benefit of all Americans, and yes, the Special Interest groups will not be happy with We The People being in control of our lives.


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