Occupy Wall Street should move to D.C.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are rather peculiar. One the one hand we see the trash and the noise from thousands of people who just seem to want to vent and on the other hand we see people exercising their right to assemble and protest. But the movement lacks something very important. They protest against what they feel is unfair but they don't offer solutions. They seem to be quite unhappy about the way things are going, but are not sure how to fix it. They'll gripe and complain, but nothing will be done. I think they all want jobs. If you have a job you have a chance at prosperity and you don't care who hires you, even if it is a big corporation. Ironic, isn't it?
Read their complaints at: http://www.nycga.net/resources/declaration/. As you read, remember that the messenger, the message, and how the message is sent are different. While I don't agree with their obvious goal, which is Marxism, and I think they should bring their own porta-potties, I do agree that they have the right to assemble; and yes, they do have a purpose. The OWS movement is a measuring device that shows America's growing displeasure with its federal government.

My grandfather told me that the government didn't owe me a living...that success was entirely up to me, the individual. What government does owe us is a level playing field. It owes us honesty, integrity, morality and an unwavering duty to the Constitution and to WE THE PEOPLE.

In reality the OWS is letting everyone know that something should be done, but the people who can, and should, do something are not the corporations but rather the Congress. I'd suggest the OWS needs to relocate to Washington, D.C.  In the end, nothing at all will come from all this. The protestors will be tolerated only until they become violent, then they'll be fire-hosed or shot down like dogs, and who do you suppose will create the violence? But for now anyway, ya sure gotta admire them for their grit! We'll check again when the snow comes.


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