Justice Department sending wrong message

My understanding is that the Justice Department under the management of Attorney General Eric Holder decided to drop the indictment and prosecution of Bill Allen for alleged sex crimes involving sex with minors and the transportation of minors across state lines for sexual purposes. When queried by our Senator Lisa Murkowski about that decision, Eric Holder stated that " I am confident that the appropriate guidelines were followed in making that decision."

He may be confident but I am not confident in his judgement. Eric Holder is currently being questioned about his role in the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms operation, Fast and Furious, in which guns were sold to dealers transporting them and selling them to drug dealers in Mexico. Two of those guns ended up being implicated in the killings of two US agents. There is also some question about the validity of his date of learning about the operation. There is also the question of why he has not prosecuted any of the people on Wall Street that were selling the fraudulent derivatives responsible for our current economic crisis.

Bill Allen's early release from prison next week coming at this time of the disclosure of the failure of Pennsylvania State administrators to follow up and indict Jerry Sandusky for his alleged sex crimes should tell us something. Are we, Alaskans, going to allow the Federal Justice Department to sweep these charges against Bill Allen under the rug? If we do then all of Governor Parnell's talk about choosing respect for women is for naught.

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Tue, 05/23/2017 - 11:20

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