Was it worth it?

Just sitting at the Puter and thinking again. In early 1951 a group of my friends and myself receive a letter requesting us to meet and go for a physical examination for the draft. Amazingly all of us country farm boys qualified to serve in the military. What do you think the ratio is today? Maybe 50%. Sad. Well, I like to call myself a Patriot and gladly served, ending up with approximately 28 months served out of the states in the Korean theater, during and after the peace was signed.

When I see these OWS demonstrators doing what they do best. Nothing. I took my calculator out and figured my pay during the last year in service. It was $134.00 per month with a little more for overseas service. When you are in the military, your service time is 24/7  and when you break that down to hourly, it comes out to about 19 cents per hour. This was with room and board and world travel thrown in -- ha. We have lost our way in this wonderful country and am afraid it will never return but won't affect me as I've already been through 1 depression. But I feel we were a lot happier then than now.

Way back then, we had freedom of speech, but that has been exchanged for Political Correctness. It was so much nicer then.  But there are things happening and if you check out Facebook, you will find out that is some place you can place your opinion, with out being sensored. My personal opinion.


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