Prosecutor's portrayal of defendant misleading

My husband and I supported the Bairamis family during the sentencing of their son, Kostas Bairamis. We listened to the Prosecutor drill the audience in all the negative traits of Kostas, some things I personally knew were not true. She never mentioned Kostas' little girl in a positive light, nor the bond they shared, instead, she "assumed" the worst scenario of Kostas as a parent, but this was not a trial, this was a sentencing.  Statements were obviously altered to influence the Judge, as if to win a case already tried.


Kostas did not flee to Greece, as newspapers stated. Had they bothered to ask anyone in the family, they would have learned the truth of Kostas trip to Greece. It is so damaging to speculate. It is unacceptable to bend the law in order to create false scenarios to "bust" someone. Are law enforcement agents above the law?

The source of information determines judgments, and we know the media source cannot be trusted to tell the truth. The information given to the news on Kostas Bairamis is biased and unforgiving. Certain elements were purposefully excluded to make Kostas seem more harsh in the public eye. Kostas was (probably still is), addicted to narcotics. Addicts tend to push their luck until luck runs out. Addicts need rehab not life taken away, nor families destroyed from their stupid mistakes.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then where was that village we are all so proud of when it came to Kostas Bairamis? Just where did Kostas go wrong? Kostas stood up for himself against the system when he was 18 years old. He believed his rights had been violated. He wrote a complaint letter to the HPD and that's when his adult problems began. His life had been profiled in the HPD from about 11 years of age, so I would assume Kostas' problems escalated from that complaint letter to the HPD.

Many people were devastated when the Homer airport was the crime scene of Federal and local police shooting. Law enforcement officers literally took the life of one man and maimed his young son for life. The wife of the victim collected millions from the department of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Money cannot restore the damage done by the FBI and the local police force. It only takes one act of violent cowardice for the public to stop trusting, and that shooting was a violent mistake (proof is in the payment to the widow).

Kostas Bairamis was wrong in the choices he made for he and his daughter. Kostas' car was rammed by Federal agents in Anchorage. His little girl was strapped into the car seat in the back seat of Kostas' car. She could have been killed. I'm certain she was terrorized. This case was not about Kostas' parenting, nor did he ram into anyone's car with his little girl inside ... he was rammed.


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