Mystery solved in good fun

We would like to thank all the community theatergoers for supporting Frontier Community Services and Kenai Senior Connection, Inc.'s Mystery Dinner Theater Fundraiser. This was a wonderful collaboration between the two entities. Success was made through community support of theatergoers purchasing tickets and participating, support of Board of Directors from Frontier Community Service and Senior Connection, Inc., the Play Director Ann Shirnberg and Producer and performer Ken Duff, performers Terri Zopf-Schoessler, Kathleen Knowlton, Donna Shirnberg, Tucker Maddox, Allen Auxier, the culinary talents and organizational skills of Kenai Senior Center's Chef Missy Bailey and her assistant , Robert Van Loan, Lu Ann Barrett, Senior Center Volunteer/Activity Coordinator, who coordinated the dining room service staff, Frontier Community Service staff who filleted fish, assisted with food prep, dining room set up and take down, staff that served served our guests, Frontier Community Services clients who printed posters, tickets, and programs.

Thank you to KCHS students for assisting in the dining room on Friday night. Thank you to Rita Eddy for poster and program design and layout, assisting with props and stage set-up, and your cookies. A thank you to Country Foods and Three Bears for donations towards food, and a thank you to Don Jose's for bar service.

Thank you to all who made this event a success! It was a fun-filled, money making fundraiser for both agencies.


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