Too much complaining, not enough action

Regarding the Clarion editorial "An open letter to the Inspector General" (Dec. 2), once again Alaska goes "hat-in-hand" to the master, begging for a boon.


Mail to rural areas will continue to be a knotty problem until Alaskans quit groveling. In the editorial, which briefly outlines Alaska's unique situation, is a restatement of the obvious which states: ". . .you might note that some 60 percent of Alaska falls under federal land management. Building infrastructure on most of that land requires, literally, an act of Congress." Yes that's right, just moan and whine.
OK, so the editorial states the problem and states the difficulty of implementing a solution because of the obstacles in the way. Then the Clarion's editorial says, "Anything you (US Postal IG, David Williams) can do to help move legislation through the House and Senate to build a road across a part of that wilderness would be greatly appreciated."

There's our problem! It's the slave mentality of Alaskans. Once again the acknowledgement of Alaska's slave status comes through.

When will the slaves on Plantation Alaska stand up and say, "If we need a road, we'll build it ourselves. We're not going to beg any longer. If the feds don't like, let them try to stop us!"

I came to Alaska about a decade ago to be with people who still had the pioneer spirit to get a job done. I still believe that spirit is here, but Alaskans have been raised at the federal sow's teat for so long they apparently don't know how to quit.

Come on, Alaskans! What's wrong with you? Quit groveling and begging. Alaskans are people who opened this land and built it. Where has that spirit gone?


Sun, 03/18/2018 - 21:37

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