Long, cold, dark days of winter

Well, let's talk about lights then. Just east of Kenai is about 2 miles of the most dangerous and dark areas of roadway around. This year has seen several bad accidents and a few moose killed. The biggest problem is the drivers not having control of their vehicles, driving too fast and way too close on icy roads. I have seen lighted roadways in other parts of the state, Sterling for one, way up in the Gun Sight Mountain area and Anchorage is talking about increasing lighting on the road to Wasilla. I think it would be worth looking into lighting going as far east as the Beaver Loop Road.

The other are of concern is the dangerous Bridge Access Road from the Kalifornsky Beach Y to the  south edge of town. The open areas of the bridge becomes very hazardous when there is a mixture of snow and wind blowing.  This not so much of a problem of the young at heart, but a lot of the seniors have to slow down and be very careful.  One lady got caught in a white out one night.

I would be much happier to see that $16 million dollars of red money our politicians have granted to research the Arctic be used for something that would benefit many people instead of a few government scientists.  It would actually create a few real jobs.  As a kid in school way back in the 1940s I thought reading every one of  "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon"  books gave some good knowledge of the North.  What ever happened to all the studies the State of Alaska & Fairbanks University and all the hundred of million dollars all the Oil companies have spent to study and research the Artic? Just typical government wasteful spending. Just a couple of my thoughts again.  


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