Thanks to all who for great Christmas party

Thank you everyone who was involved with the "Homeless & Community Christmas Party" at the Soldotna Sports Center Dec. 17. We has a blast, as this community united together to bless others. I'd like to thank Jesus, most of all, for giving us the "Joy of the Lord," for strength; my friend, Velvet, who had a dream and pressed in by faith, to see it happen; to all those who attended and participated, in any way; all the buisnesses, city of Soldotna and Soldotna  Mayor Peter Micciche, volunteers, organizations, musicians, technical support, Clarion newspaper, prayer intercessors, supporters, ministries and churches, all believer's in the dream who believed this community could have a successful 2011 Community Christmas Party for the homeless & community. We did it!

This Kenai Peninsula Community is the most loving, giving community that I've ever experienced and many others I spoke with, agreed.  I was personally blessed to be a part of it. As a volunteer and supporter of the idea, I knew when I heard about it, that it was a "God" idea.  The Christmas party was "opened" in prayer and the Gospel was presented along with the prayer of Salvation, for everyone who wanted to receive the "Best Gift" of all, Jesus!  This party honored the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus, gave Him all the glory! This effort and act of kindness was definetly an opportunity to share God's love with everyone, without predjudice.

As stated by one of my friends who came, the decorations were beautiful, the atmosphere was full of love, joy and peace, and the food was delicious. We all enjoyed eating an unlimited supply of Bub's Pizza, that was generously donated, along with coffee, other food, candy, live music and gifts from other wonderful buisnesses. It seemed like almost everyone received a gift and many smiling faces, proved they were enjoying themselves. I watched kids and some adults with Santa, dancing to the live music, decorating ginger bread cookies, eating lots of food and people were even able to take food home, in to-go plates. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and later we sang "Happy 50th Birthday, to Mayor Peter" as his family visited us.

Jesus truely is the "reason for the season." I pray we'll be able to celebrate together again next year. God Bless you, this community, the state of Alaska and the world, with the continuing efforts of God's Love being made known and shared in thought, word and deed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2012.


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