Reader: Did beer drinking, smoking need to be mentioned?

As a member of The American Legion, I always like to see good PR articles about the Legion in the local newspapers. The one this morning about Santa visiting Kenai's Legion Post for the childrens' party was heartwarming, to a point.

In the article it states that that behind Santa "... clanked the glasses of the Kenai American Legion's beer drinkers and cigarette smokers."

I make a point of visiting the Post about once a week. While I smoke, I would guess there have only been two or three occasions where I have enjoyed one or two cold beers there over the past couple years. I smoke while my wife doesn't. We were there the day Santa made his visit and were both drinking coffee. I can't speak about what the others were drinking, but some of them are regulars and do not smoke. I believe we all go there to share the comaraderie of others who have similar backgrounds and experiences in their military service to our country. Whether we smoke or drink is our choice, and not all of us do.

The childrens' party was held upstairs where there are doors that allow entrance and egress directly to the parking lot. That floor of the Post is non-smoking. It can also be closed off from the lower floor, and was during this function. Consequently, the kids were not subjected to second-hand smoke.

Personally, I don't see any reason to mention beer glasses and smoking in the article. It adds nothing to its intent, especially when only a few of those in attendance may have been involved in these activities.


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