Ordinance ignores will of voters

At the Jan. 3 borough assembly meeting they will vote whether to give $100,000 to the non-profit organization Kenai Watershed Forum. At issue is not the value of services provided, but whether voters and taxpayers support funding of non-profits.  There is also the question of whether the borough has the legal authority to spend this money for "economic development" purposes. 


Ballot Proposition 2on the October 4 ballot proposed to increase the borough sales tax cap to 3.1 percent, with 0.1 percent to be used for economic development purposes. This was rejected by a vote of 8349 NO to only 1903 YES. 

There are several fundamental issues in this ordinance that need to be carefully considered by all:

1. Voters do not support using tax dollars to fund non-profit agencies.

2. This off-budget spending will ultimately require a property tax increase. 

3. The legal justification for spending this money is purported to be "economic development," but the ordinance then goes on to exclude the requirements defined in that section of borough code.  If it is not in compliance with borough code then it is not "economic development." 

The voters spoke loud and clear... they do not want their taxes increased to fund non-profits.  The question now is will the assembly respect the wishes of borough voters? Contact the assembly today at http://www.act-kpb.org/link.htm


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