What is Pebble opposition's interests?

I am surprised to see that the list of associates provided with the No Pebble logo consist of for profit companies that are solely interested in maintaining their profit margin, limited to their out of the state customers coming here to gather the fish and then depart.   

Sport fishing is not going to provide the means for this state to move forward. I came to the wild salmon protection site (WSP) hoping to see some pictures of true locals who have vested local input and interest not the traditional outsiders who have tried to weasel their way into managing our state.

WSP groups must have a bunch of money to be advertising on the NFL playoff game. Citizens of the Peninsula, and the State of Alaska, this is another opportunity to question standing to provide input (none) and where the money is coming from (Lower 48). Don't we get tired of those "nosy parkers"?


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