Support for Christmas Party an awesome gift

I was very much overwhelmed and delighted by the generosity of this community and the willingness to help with support efforts in addressing the concerns in helping the homeless for the Christmas Party for the Homeless and Community, held Dec. 17 at the Soldotna Sports Center.


I thank God that He brought about all the help I needed and it was like elves going out into the community to bring it all together at the very last second, literally, the 11th hour. Thank you all very much!

For those of you who wanted to participate in the giving and were unable to, due to the time crunch, please consider supporting Love Inc., which is located at the Merit Inn in Kenai. They have been sheltering the homeless. All other businesses are encouraged to pick a day in the New Year, as "Help the Homeless" Day, to share a portion of your profits to benefit Love Inc. or a charity of choice that helps the homeless. The new group I am in is in the process of starting, called "Christian Men and Women Unite" or( C5U, for short) and was able to bless Love Inc. and En La Gloria Minisitries. We will also be able to bless The Homer Refuge, who also shelters the homeless. Thanks Be to God by Whom all Blessings Flow!!

The following is a list of individuals (but not limited to only these named), along with all who attended and participated, who are very much appreciated. We appologize, in advance for those whose full names we didn't know and all the behind the scene folks and if you participated in any way and were accidently not listed, we're sorry. But we do thank you from the bottom of our hearts, too!

Barbara Larion; Becky Heinsberger; Bernice, Heather and David Johnson; Betsy Irvine; Betty Peterson; Janice Smith; Caroline Smith; Chick and Barb Deal; Cindy Anthony; Cliff and Fern Chamberlin; Connie and Dennis Schnicke; Dale Oelrich; Dave and Debbie Michaels; Debra Miller; Dr. McIntosh; Elizabeth Beregin; Elizabeth Wilson; En La Gloria Ministries; First Baptist Church of Kenai; Geni Spaulding; Haven Worship Center of Homer; Heather Vest; Heidi Olson; Holly Wiley; James C. Wilson; Janice and Mark Tuter; Judy Risung; Karilee Hansen; Kathy Smith; Kellee Willson; Ken and Kathy Leaders; Kenai Peninsula Orchestra; Kirsten Morlan; Krista Schooley; Larry and Susan Semmens; Larry Young; Laura Best; Lisa Schmiter and family; Lori Englar; Lori Grabowski-Bartlett; Mag Dominguez; Malindi Briggs; Mary Haakenson Perry; Rebecca Stimmel; Ron Walden; Sandy and Jim Carr; Santa; Sharon and Martin Kaniho; Soldotna Women's Aglow; Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche and family; Star McCloud; Steve Mesa; Sue Moore; Susan Crane; Susan and William Slemp; Susanna Evins; Sydney and Shelby Smith; Tammy Johnson; Thomasina Prince; Trinity Christian Church; Trudy Stillwell; Vera Kalugin; Vicki Siter and daughter, Kristen; Victoria Johnson; Wings International Ministries; Winnie Anderson.

Thanks "WOW" team, you have made a difference in someone's life and definetly in the Community. You are a WOW team because you shared a (WOW)-World Of  Witness, to everyone involved in your loving, giving. kind, compassionate efforts! The Lord Bless you all! If your name or business was inadvertantly omited, please forgive me or email me at and I will write another letter. Also if you are interested in information on the new group, Christian Men and Women Unite, you may call (907)252-8051.


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