Hospital management style leads to divide

In April of 2009 I spoke to the Borough Assembly concerning the management style at Central Peninsula Hospital. I thought is was strictly the behavior of senior management. I was wrong. It was and still is the direct result of the Hospital Incorporation Board.

I warned the community about the destructive management style at the hospital. The Borough Assembly ignores the behavior. So the destructive behavior of the corporate board continues.

The hospital is a non-profit corporation protected from competition by what is called Certificate of Need. (CON) There is some logic on the need for this protection of our local non-profit hospital. However, the Hospital Inc. Board operates as a for-profit corporation. Insider dealings with local community members to dictating to physicians on how to practice medicine. When employees or independent physicians object to the management style, they are retaliated against.

Today, we see most of the independent surgeons fighting back against the retaliation of the corporate board. It appears the Borough Assembly continues to ignore the management style at CPH and will oppose the independent outpatient Surgical Center called Kahtnu.

In October 2009 the elected Hospital Service Area Board recommended an investigation of the management style at CPH. The Borough Assembly ignored the request. Had an investigation occurred we would not be looking at the situation we face today, division of the surgeons and the hospital corporate board.

The Borough Assembly failed the people in their fiduciary responsibility. They have ignored what is best for the people of the borough. We stand divided over the issues at CPH. It will be detrimental to the people in the end.

When will the people demand the truth on what is destroying our community hospital?


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