Show appreciation, clear a path

With all this snow, I would like to bring awareness to some of you about your own yards. Take a walk out to your fuel tanks, propane, oil, even water, and see how easy it is for you to get to it. Now, do it while hauling something like a long, heavy hose. Was it easy? Could you get to the tanks without wading through three to five feet of snow or build up? Did you have to climb over things? Or down things? Now do it 20 times or more, even 50, every day. 

So, how about some courtesy and thoughtfulness to the men or women that do this service for you, so you can cook and be warm inside your home. Shovel a path to your tanks and keep a path shoveled to your tanks. It is not asking too much. If you know elderly people that cannot do this, do it for them. Send your kids out to help a neighbor keep theirs shoveled. It's a good quality to have, helping others. I would like to see the men and women refuse to fill tanks they cannot get to. Most people have no idea what they go through, including being forced to climb up and down bluffs to fill tanks. If you appreciate being warm, and cooking a meal, show your appreciation by keeping the path to your tanks clear.


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