CPGH threatens to increase my taxes?

Since when, Ms. Hartman, does CPGH have the power to “reinstate a mill levy on service area residents” as presented in the draft resolution that was made available at the Soldotna Council meeting last week? Last I looked these powers rested with the borough assembly. Ms. Hartman, Soldotna City Council, aka employee of CPH, is listed as the sponsor of the resolution which as I understand was to be a lay-down resolution without public notice opposing Kahtnu’s proposal to build a much needed ambulatory surgery center. Since when does an option for lower costs “lead to the loss of community health services for the underinsured” as stated in her resolution? It seems to me that a facility that has indicated that they would provide outpatient services at a lower cost would allow more underinsured patients to seek services locally.

Fairbanks Memorial used the same threats that CHP has chosen to use (increased taxes, reduced services and lay-offs) and yet as I understand it none of this has happened. The actual financial impact on Fairbanks Memorial Hospital when faced with a new ambulatory surgery center two years ago was minimal and both institutions appear to be doing well despite the doom and gloom that was predicted by the hospital. I would suggest that both the borough assembly and council members do their research prior to even considering a resolution that opposes free enterprise as I believe that each group is supposed to represent all of their constituents and not just their own special interest.


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