Time to stand for something

When I was young walking down a street in Southern California, I heard the heavyweight championship fight through the screen doors. They took those fights away from the common people to make more money through exclusive showings.

My first subscribed television was a perfect package with the National Programming Service (NPS). Direct TV and Dish Network used their authority to take the best channels from NPS and put them out of business. NPS employees became salesman for Dish Network. They called me six times asking me to subscribe. I refuse to subscribe to hundreds of channels I do not want and will never look at. You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

If you went to a theater and they told you at the Box Office you could watch the film they’re showing if you pay for two other films you do not want to watch, would you pay the triple admission? Of course you would, that’s how you are paying for television.

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Someone on-line said this is the first year since 1958 that he has not been able to watch the Rose Bowl game. The games used to be carried by the networks and supported by advertisement. Now ESPN controls them and the public has to subscribe to channels they don’t want in order to get ESPN. I listened to four bowl games on AM radio. I have gone from high-definition television back to radio. We have to stand for something or we’ll fall for anything.


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