Wildwood inmates take part in season of giving

Thank you so much for all of the hospitality you showed us at Wildwood Correctional Facility this wonderful Christmas season. We know Christmas is a time of giving and worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of Salvation Army, dozens and dozens of inmate’s children will get a gift from their dad this holiday season, just like my son did. Since Salvation Army gave their time and resources to less fortunate individuals like us, our children will have a Merry Christmas. Also, because of Salvation Army’s wonderful hospitality, it showed us inmates that people do care, and come together as one at Christmas time.

Therefore, due to a suggestion from a Correctional Officer saying we should do something for Salvation Army, and also due to a wonderful idea from God, I decided to do a fundraiser. Ranging from 50 cents to 101 dollars, inmates here at Wildwood also came together as one, and donated 1,000 dollars for Salvation Army. Inmates were so filled with the Christmas Spirit that some inmates donated money in the form of OTA’s (Offender Trust Accounts), then asked to get their OTA back to donate more for the needy children. I also have to let you know we only make 50 cents an hour, therefore, it goes to show, the Lord is working everywhere, yes, even here.

Thank you so very much, and we hope to see you again next year.


Thu, 04/27/2017 - 22:01

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