Would Keystone veto be good for Alaska?

Keystone didn't prove to be that smooth a pipeline project, that is going to Texas. I can't explain how thrilled I am with President Obama's veto of such a strategic project for energy security and trade with our Canadian neighbors. This would be a great time to strengthen our relationship with our Arctic friends. I wonder if a Keystone pipeline blessed bye the State of Alaska, with a pipeline terminus in Haines and Skagway would stand a chance of avoiding President Obama's ink? We did just tempt them with $500 million of our good money on another pipeline. We could get by on the cheap on this one! Maybe increase trade just a little with China while we're at it. Do you think we could force China to use U.S. ships to transport that oil from Canada? What an international can of worms could we be looking into? Anyone else wanting to do a little business with our Canadian neighbors? Maybe we could throw more money at someone to look at Keystone North, a much smoother route!


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