Here’s what’s in it for the hospital board

A commonly held misconception is that members of the CPGH, Inc. Board of Directors derive a fiscal benefit from their service to the hospital. Another is that being a "self-appointed" board means that new board members are pre-selected from a group of friends, cronies or business partners. Both are untrue.

As board member Rick Ross reiterated at a recent Borough Assembly meeting, CPGH, Inc. is a non-profit entity, which through a lease and operating agreement with the Kenai Peninsula Borough, oversees the operation of the hospital, clinics, Heritage Place and Serenity House. CPGH, Inc. has no assets and receives no management fee. While some board members may have made each other's acquaintance prior to being elected to the board, in general, it was through another volunteer activity or community service function. Among the group are political conservatives and liberals, people who work full time and some who are retired -- our opinions and experiences run the gamut and we have less in common than one might assume. We do have in common a passion for the hospital and some nameless trait that allows us to stay focused on that goal in the face of nearly constant, largely unfounded, harsh and public criticism ...

Which brings me to another misconception -- even though it seems that that there are those who are making a spectator sport of berating the hospital for the benefit of the Borough Assembly, or chastising the leadership in the interest of creating drama on the airwaves, the overwhelming majority of people who receive care at our hospital rate it so highly that we have the best patient satisfaction ratings in the state. Nevertheless, the seemingly endless anti-CPH diatribe takes its toll and I hope that our community will soon tire of the baseless rhetoric and see that the problems may rest more with the ones taking aim than with the target.

So, you might ask, "What then is in it for the Board?" What's in it is that the Board knows, despite what a few overly vocal critics would like you to think, that unbiased, apolitical, scientific and accepted indicators by which hospital performance and quality medical services are measured confirm that the nurses, physicians, and the entire staff of professionals are providing outstanding care that ensures the confidence and loyalty of our patients, residents, and the people of our community -- which just so happens to be the mission of Central Peninsula Hospital.  


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