Time for CPGH Board to step aside

Last (week)'s CPGH Inc. Board meeting was one not to miss! It turns out that the current and former CEOs of CPGH (ie. The Board) has misled two independent Radiation Oncologists to purchase land and invest in a free-standing cancer center only to learn that CPGH has made a "business decision" to "offer a duplicate in services" and build their own cancer center. The Board is now proposing to build a multi-million dollar radiation oncology facility for the purpose of leasing it. Since when is it CPGH's responsibility to be landlords? Why should we spend millions on a facility to provide a service we could get for free?


These oncologists saw a need over two years ago and have been working towards this. They will use CPH's CT and MRI and will only be increasing the hospital's revenue, not competing for it. 

But instead of working with these guys, thankful that they are willing to risk their own private funds, to bring a much needed service to our community, we treat them inappropriately and it appears, dishonestly. And speaking of dishonesty, it was less than a week ago that CPH was telling the public that if Kahtnu's CON were approved, that the funding for the cancer center would be at a major risk. A few days later, that is not true, and we have the funding, and the CON has nothing to do with a cancer center.

And then, to think things couldn't get more shady, an oncologist from Katmai spoke. He told me that he approached CPH to have a visiting oncology clinic at the hospital, so the oncologists from Anchorage would come here to see patients, then send them across the hall to CPH's infusion center for chemo and he was denied. So now Katmai plans to open across the street, to see cancer patients and also do their revenue producing chemo infusions.

So, because of a poor management decision, we will now have a much needed oncologist across the street that will be doing much needed chemo infusions but at a hefty competitive price to the hospital.

The meeting then ended with good news. The Board is spending money to bring up a consultant to be a liaison to help mend the Boards relationship with its doctors. 

While I was pleased to see an effort made to repair relationships, I couldn't help but wonder, why has this gone so far? Why isn't this community holding this Board responsible for these decisions? I've seen enough.  They have spent too much time trying to sell CPH, that they have let this hospital crumble, it is literally falling apart. We, as the community, need to stand up to save our hospital, the politicians won't do it. Thank you for your service CPGH Inc., but its time for your self-appointed Board to step down and make room for a community-minded elected Board.


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