Borough government too involved in health care industry

I sincerely regret not voting for Fred! Borough Mayor Navarre stated in the Peninsula Clarion last week against the proposed Kahtnu Ventures for a surgical center in Kenai. For one thing, our local borough government should not take a position for or against this venture, it is a conflict of interest. The borough is competing against private enterprise and trying to monopolize the health care industry on the peninsula. The borough hospital is also against two in-state cancer doctors, who are trying to establish a cancer care center in Soldotna. Wouldn't you want a choice here on the peninsula, or would you go to Anchorage with all the associated costs or pay CPGH's inflated costs? And these costs will never go down because CPGH is always adding on in direct competition with private enterprise and on the threat of higher mill rates to the tax payers.

And to add another glitch in the mix, Mayor Navarre posed the question of whether the borough would view the project differently if it was proposed by an outside group. Does that sound like a vendetta against our local doctors or not? Something smells like a bedpan here. And why would the Mayor, Borough, CPGH and their respective boards want to squash these business proposals if it didn't threaten losing their salaries, bonuses, and their protected status quo? 

A government-owned non-profit to me means it's military or federally funded, and these are needed in our society. To say the borough-owned hospital is a non-profit is really a misnomer, because they do make a profit and are trying to keep their monopoly. I say they should sell the hospital because of the administrative problems they keep having, and now these politicians are using their government positions to oppose private enterprise from growing or prospering on the peninsula. Hopefully, people will remember the KPB Mayor and Assembly's stance on this and will vote accordingly.


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