Corporations should not be treated as people

I am a staunch supporter of HB 244, which was introduced in the Alaska House by Rep. Scott Kawasaki. The bill reads: "An act providing that for-profit corporations and limited liability companies organized in this state are not persons for the purposes of influencing the outcomes of public office elections, initiatives, referendums, or recalls. We do not believe that corporations are people nor should they have the ability to influence our elections."

In my opinion, the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court is the worst decision by the high court in recent history. We are living, breathing humans who can feel, eat, drink and walk into a voting booth and vote. A corporation is not a human being, cannot feel, cannot eat, drink or walk into a voting booth to vote. Money (aka "speech") does not equal the voice of a human being. The Supreme Court has given large, multinational corporations the legal right to spend unlimited amounts of money, anonymously, to buy American elections. The Supreme Court gave corporations all the rights of citizens without the responsibility and obligations of being a true human citizen. Legislators are no longer elected to office by citizens because corporations, through anonymous, large donations, choose who is elected. We were given the right to vote for and elect our public officials, but that has been stolen from the American citizen.

The corporation was created to protect the public interest. The corporation of today has one purpose; to make money, and in order to make money, the corporations need to elect certain officials who will pass or not pass certain pieces of legislation. Corporations were stopped in recent years from doing harm to our environment, to the health of our citizens; not to mention the illegal activities many have participated in. There are now laws in place to protect the environment and our health. Even so, powerful corporations wield money, which affords power, in the halls of Congress and state legislatures to influence pending legislation or change laws already in existence. Then, the Supreme Court decides to go a step further by granting corporations the right of speech (money), which will absolutely corrode and destroy the election process in this country. Elections are no longer about which candidate is best; it is about which candidate can raise the most money to win an election. This is not a partisan issue; it is an American citizen issue. Millions of dollars are pouring into campaigns via multinational corporations, so it is likely foreign countries are having a "say" in who is elected in this country!

As a citizen of this state and the U.S., I stand behind HB 244! Corporations are not persons; money is not speech, and corporations should not be able to give unlimited, anonymous donations to political campaigns. The Supreme Court's decision on Citizens United must be overturned. I urge everyone to contact all members of the State House Affairs Committee ( and tell them you support HB 244.


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