Acts of kindness make Alaskans great

Today I witnessed what makes Alaskans great. A lady, and neighbor of mine, was stuck in the snow berm at the end of Feuding Lane and Sterling Highway. She called me for help, I am no help but go to see another neighbor who has a truck thinking he could get her out of the ditch. No luck, his truck won't start. I decide the best thing to do is go to where she is, get her in out of the cold, and call for a wrecker to get her out. All this has taken less than 20 minutes. I drive to the location and a young man and lady have stopped to help her. The car was just to wedged into the berm. I still think my original plan of calling a wecker is viable, but before we can act upon it, several other trucks have stopped and within 15 minutes, her car is out of the berm and she is on her way. Ladies and gentleman, thank you so much for act of kindness. It will not be forgotten.


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