Advice for veterans and an invitation for schools

A big thank you to Honor Guard members who took part in last month's veteran funerals; we received many thank-yous for our service.

I want to remind all vets that have returned from foreign service to register with the V.A. whether they have a disability or not -- new sources of injury and illnesses have been recognized by the V.A., meaning you may be eligible for benefits or counseling. Don't hesitate to check in with the V.A. or our Alaska U.S. Senator's field offices in Kenai. They are located in the Benco building near Paradisos Restaurant. U.S. Senator Begich is on the veterans council in Washington D.C. and Senator Murkowski can provide veterans with needed assistance. Our local Senator representatives have told me they welcome any veterans with a problem that would like some help. The representative for Senator Begich is Kim Howard and the representative for Senator Murkowski is Michele Blackwell.

I will be glad to receive calls from elementary schools that would like to have the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion provide an American Flag Etiquette presentation -- we base our presentation on the U.S. Federal Flag code and demonstrate the proper Flag folding of the U.S. Funeral Flag.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion receives worn and unserviceable U.S. and Alaska State Flag for dignified retirement on Flag Day June 14. Veterans organizations also are able to provide military veterans for relating military war time experiences of different wars with high school history classes.
For more information call 262-1237.


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