Mom shares her expectations

I am a mean Mom.


I make my kids make their beds. I make them brush their teeth. I make them put their toys away, or I take them away. I make my kids eat what they're given. My kids don't get to argue with me or complain about what I prepare for meals ... "get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" My kids are not allowed to waste food.

If my kids break it, they have to work off to pay to fix it. My children will learn the value of a dollar and how to be careful and not wasteful.

My kids aren't allowed to argue with other adults. They are not allowed to contradict or disrespect their elders. I make my kids hold the doors open for others and say "Have a nice day" to perfect strangers. I make my kids say "Please" and "Thank You."

My kids get disciplined if they act up in school. They get grounded and they get privileges taken away for bad behavior at school and at home. And if the occasion calls for it, they will get a swat on the behind.

I expect my children to respect me and my husband. My kids are not my friends; they are my children. I expect my friends to play nice and not tease or alienate other children. Intentional bullying is not in our vocabulary. I expect my kids to share. They always have the option to protect their "specials" but they have to respect when others choose not to share with them.

I expect my kids to love. I expect them to know that by my actions and words that I have their best interests at heart, always. I expect my kids to understand that I am not a perfect parent. I make sure they understand that I will make mistakes, I will be wrong and I will mess up. But I expect them to understand, accept my apology, and to be patient with me. Parenting is a forever learning process.

I expect my children to mess up. I expect them to forget the rules, to succumb to peer pressure. I expect them to make their wrongs right, and to learn from their mistakes.

I expect my children to make it to Heaven. I expect them to learn of God's Rules and expectations and I expect them to encourage their friends and to be an example to them. I expect my children to be a shining light.

I expect my kids to grow up in this world and come out on the right side of things, by taking my expectations and rules and applying them to their lives and lastly, I hope my children will one day call me and say, "Thank you, Mom."


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