Prices at CPH are hurting community

I am outraged at CPH when I think of the hardships they have caused people over the years with their inflated "prices," especially since a lot of times it isn't quality care that is recieved.


Our "not for profit" hospital made good enough money they wanted to sell it (CPGH had to have been making a good profit to even try to get someone interested in buying it or it wouldn't have been a viable business venture for anyone to invest in since prices are already inflated).

Ask how many lawsuits have been brought against the hospital the past 5-8 years. I know that the Maternity Ward alone has had several lawsuits against them in this time frame.

Why does CPH feel the need to advertise on television and in the newspaper when they are the only hospital here? They have no competition in the area so why do they feel the need to advertise?

When labor contracts come due, the employees of CPH always say disputes are over working conditions -- not money -- yet they always want raises also.

All I know is it shouldn't cost $10,000-plus for a broken leg or appendix being removed (these costs are from 10-15 years ago!).

The borough mayor, borough council and hospital board members should all recuse themselves from this issue as they are personally involved and cannot give an unbiased opinion.

One can only hope that "what comes around, goes around" and that all concerned will get what they deserve in this piracy of our community.


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