Right out of my mother's 'playbook'

In the letters to the Editor, a Kasilof  lady wrote almost word for word, the rules of my mother's playbook. Now this was way back in the 1930s and 40s and I believe in  the three different country schools I attended the rules were always the same.  None of my brothers or sisters or my self bear any scars from the rules.  In those days though, I believe that over 90 percent of the homes had very similar rules.   Even the  belfry room where we stacked the wood for the heater in the church had a "community" paddle.  I and my cousin were witnesses to the use of this instrument.  Sometimes memory ran short, like it is today and we had to have a refresher course.

There was never a problem on our school buses either as the driver did not hesitate if he or she stopped it for someone misbehaving, we knew what to do: grab your stuff and "get off." Also the buses carried snow shovels in the winter time and it was expected the boys would take care of things if it got stuck.  Our winters, I compare to Kenai's maybe a little harsher, but not as long.  In our 35 years in Kenai, I haven't seen enough boys or girls shoveling sidewalks or driveways that there is anyone knows how except the 70-year-old women in town.

Times are changing though and I am now convinced that the Depression was one of the happiest times of our lives.  I am awful afraid that with the government 15 trillion dollars and trying to add a few trillion more,  I am going to miss this one.  It is going to be bad, bad.

The people on Social Security have been cheated and borrowed out of the money they put into it, but look at California, broke with billions of dollars of uncovered retirement funds.


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