Student seeks help on Alaska report

I have been working on my State Report. I was wondering if you could put this letter in the newspaper. My desk is going to be a display for your state. I’m going to have some items from your state on my desk. When kids walk around my desk, they will see all the cool things about or from your state. I just need a few items to complete my State Report. A map, pamphlets, mineral, state flag and flyers. I just need those things. I already have information on your state. If you could send me those things, I would be grateful. I need the map and flag.

I am a good student. I don’t want to fail this big report. I would be very happy if you help me with the last few things of my report I promise to do my best. I will appreciate it.

Bryan K.
Conway School, Mrs. Talbert’s Class
19710 State Route 534
Mount Vernon, WA 98274


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