Federal cuts will impact everyone

I still speak English, the national language of this country as far as I am concerned. I am still guaranteed my rights as stated in our Constitution. I am proud of my 25 years of military service defending those rights. And, I and every American should be proud of the millions of others who have done so, many losing their lives and limbs in the never ending wars in which we seem to get involved.

While reading that Fairbanks is shocked by the cut in personnel at Eielson, several thoughts began to form. To begin, I find it interesting that Senators Murkowski and Begich think they know better how to provide strategic protection for this country than the generals who have the unenviable duty to ensure we are protected 24/7. I also am aware that the military budget will be reduced by $500 billion over the next few years.   

If asked about the nation's $15 trillion debt, the largest in our country's history, many Americans will be happy tell you how to save money. Their suggestions might entail such items as shutting down our military bases overseas, stopping foreign aid altogether, stopping foreign aid to countries who have publicly denounced democracy, cutting down on Medicare and Medicaid supplements, decreasing the government bureaucracy, cutting back on Social Security, taxing the rich, and the list goes on. However, I would venture to say that few if any would suggest NIMBY projects, those would have a negative impact directly on them.

Consolidating operations from Eielson to JBER in Anchorage will save money for the military, and remember, they are about to be short 500 billion dollars. If Congress does its job and starts cutting the budget to get us out of debt, every American will be impacted in some way or another. Be prepared, there's more to come


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