CPH policy reaching too far

I am a 30-plus year resident of the Kenai Peninsula. I have received excellent care and service from my local licensed physician and CPH whenever needed. This medical partnership ended when CPH denied me the ability to get routine procedures that only a hospital and their own staff can perform. Any hospital in Alaska (but CPH) will provide me these procedures at the request of my local doctor.

I tried contacting CPH CEO Mr. Davis but was pushed off to a radiology employee who suggested I see and pay a different doctor other than my own licensed physician to refer me to CPH for these procedures. CPH is "not sure" if my doctor can read test results. Test results are mine, and who I entrust them to is between me and the doctor of my choosing, not CPH's.

CPH is a borough owned hospital that my tax monies help build and I've been able to access for over 30 years, but now I'm denied access because CPH says my local doctor is no longer allowed to refer me to them. Since when did CPH get the right to choose my doctor in order for me to get service from them? Is this timing a coincidence? Conspiracy theory anyone?

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I now must take a full day off of work to travel on often dangerous Peninsula roads to have 45 minutes worth of procedures done -- at any hospital but CPH. Not only am I being placed at risk by unnecessary travel, but my money no longer stays wehre I reside. Either my money is no longer welcome at CPH, or they are too flush to need it.

Mr. Davis, welcome to our small community -- and if you are listening, please reconsider your ridiculous decision and not alienate those that you say you are here to serve, because right now, you are only providing a bunch of lip service to this community.


Thu, 05/25/2017 - 22:10

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