A little common sense goes a long way

Most people who have lived in Alaska for one or more years know that there are summer and winter driving speeds, or at least they should. So why are there so many careless drivers and wrecks on the way to Anchorage? Isn't it a bit extreme when you're driving 60 miles per hour on slick, icy roads and the person behind you passes you as if you're driving 30 miles per hour? How many car wrecks, injuries and deaths will it take before people start driving responsibly?

I thought it was common sense that during the winter time a person can't expect to get to Anchorage in the same amount of time it takes them in the summer. Especially now that the highway has been closed several times this winter due to avoidable car wrecks, people should plan on driving slower. From 2001-2007 there was a total of 121 accidents ranging from head on/side swipes and cars run off the road to angle or rear ended cars, all on the Seward Highway. Of those crashes 31 proved to be fatal and another 90 lead to major injuries. That's 4.4 deaths from car crashes on the Seward Highway per year and another 12.85 crashes with major injuries.

What about all the other accidents? What about all the people who went into the ditch or got a fender bender that wasn't reported on the state of Alaska web page? Driving in Alaska can be dangerous enough during the winter time, why make it even more dangerous by driving recklessly? Speeding to and from Anchorage isn't worth injuring yourself or others.


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