Eielson closure would be scary

I'm sure it would be hard to keep this strategic Air Base open on the outcome of board games, but maybe somebody should look. The board games Risk and Axis and Allies both have world war settings. If during these very intense battles you have a secure Alaska it's pretty hard to invade North America with success.

Now we have a very strategic target, a missile defense system at Clear without nearby fighter protection. Just suppose an earthquake or a lucky surprise attack takes out Elmendorf, without fighter support our multi-billion dollar missile defense system would be a soft target. Probably wouldn't make any difference, eh?  After decades of closures hitting places like King Salmon, and Galena it's getting pretty close to home seeing Eielson close.

I'm sure I'm like most Americans who think if you are going to borrow money to make all your ends meet, just spend it well, but remember you are out of money! But closing this base and continuing to send our money to China for every pipe dream Washington has is going to come back and bite us! To borrow money for operation most businesses must eventually show some profit, or arrange your affairs so Uncle Sam is paying the bill. This is what's happening on a major scale for every dream wish Government seems to come up with. And there are more rumors of new Departments of Governing affairs being dreamed up and proposed almost daily. Like our very vital Department Of Energy, whose 16,000 federal employees after 30 years of operation are retiring to a golden parachute. The impact of this retirement on our National Debt is another scary development. Just how much of this retirement is funded via earlier budgets? Is it all unfunded? I get it -- we can just borrow another $16 billion to cover that as long as China is taking our chips! When will China just say pay up!


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