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Is this the real cost of war?

Posted: March 16, 2012 - 8:50am

Anyone familiar with combat or the effects of prolonged combat should not be surprised that something like this takes place.

War is hell. And it is worse when those fighting are told to die for the mega corporations who grow fat on the blood of human sacrifice. The blood of our own children! Frankly, I'm surprised the soldiers in that horrible and needless war don't break more frequently. Yes, yes, I know. Every war has had its episodes of mass killing of civilians. The Germans firebombed Coventry, England, and the allies firebombed Tokyo and Dresden. These raids, killing thousands, were not strategically necessary. The difference is that bombers dropping death from 30,000 feet remained impersonal.

It's when Germans killed unarmed soldiers at Malmedy and the Japanese massacred thousands in China and Americans killed unarmed civilians at Mai Li, that we took an interest.

After burning Korans and urinating on the bodies of Taliban soldiers, then comes the murder of 16 civilians by a single soldier. Why did he do it?  The answer is war! What other answer do you want? We may never know what was in his mind, but to him the action was needed and rational. And that alone should scare us!

I'm not making excuses for anyone. War is hell.

If anything good can come from this, it just might be a new and deeper understanding and the reality of what prolonged combat with repeated tours in the war zone can do to the human mind.

And to those who might compare the behavior of American soldiers during WWII, I would say that if the mission of that war were taken away, then those good men could just as easially crack and become cold-blooded killers.

Perhaps America will see what is happening and say enough. Let's get out of Afghanistan. No empire has ever conquered these people. Perhaps it will take events such as these to rescue our children. It's a war being waged by corporations, having no clear mission objective and no real plan to win.

The best of our land don the uniform and head for war thinking that they are doing their patriotic part. In reality, they are the pawns of power brokers who care nothing for the cost of war -- only the profits. Get our soldiers out of that hell ... stop the torture of our young men and women now. Enough is enough. Bring our heroes home. They have done enough. Recent events have shown they can do no more.

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spwright 03/16/12 - 04:07 pm
No Honor 3/16/12


This USArmy SpecOps Sniper has betrayed Himself, His Family & His Fellow Soldiers.Even more Americans will Die because of His Actions.
Court Marshall then Death by Firing Squad.

Not in 2013 or 2014 BRING THEM HOME NOW !


RaySouthwell 03/19/12 - 09:11 am

In war, soldiers are taught to dehumanize the enemy. It is the only way one human being can destroy another. I remember all the names soldiers called their enemies of the past. I am sure you remember what we called the North Vietnamese. Over time soldiers break from the horror of war.

What are your thoughts about the women and children that died when the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. What ever happened to the soldiers who flew that mission?

spwright 03/19/12 - 11:21 am
Premediated 1st Degree MURDER

Ray, You know as well as i do. there is a HUGE difference between the release of a Nuclear Weapon from over 30K ft
& being face to face with young children & pulling the trigger.

SSG Robert Bales committed Permediated 1st Degree MURDER of WOMEN & CHILDREN.
NOTHING justifies that Act of Murder. NOT PTSD, TBI, Multiple Combat Tours, Depression, Insanity, etc,etc.

Swift & Complete Justice needs to Happen immediately w/ SSG Bales.

We do NOT need another "My Lia" incident & the Murders walk free That was 1st degree Murder also.

SPW "Airborne"

normolson 03/19/12 - 01:18 pm
SSgt Bales is probably more

SSgt Bales is probably more sane than those around him.
For those who have any inkling about what war is and how it must be fought, this Bales fought it as it should be fought: quick, brutal, and final. After all, isn't the objective to defeat the enemy, disable their will and ability to fight, and return home as quickly as possible as a victor? What IS the objective in Afghanistan? What IS the real mission? Our leaders have no specific answer, much less the soldiers who we send to fight and die. Someone tell me why we're there.

How sane, suppose ye, are those other soldiers who retreat rather than return fire?
How sane, suppose ye, are soldiers who are willing to be under fire without air support or heavy artillery?
How sane, suppose ye, are soldiers who repeatedly drive down highways that have been mined with IEDs built in the same houses of those who smile at them?
How sane, suppose ye, are soldiers who watch their comrades blown to bits WITHOUT reacting with extreme prejudice?
How sane, suppose ye, are soldiers who are marched into battle but who will not fight to win?
How sane, suppose ye, are soldiers who are willing to die for the ambitious and power-hungry?

The article surmises that Bale was broken, but maybe he didn't break! Maybe all the rest of our soldiers are broken instead.
They're broken because they remain without knowing why.
They're broken because they are told lies by the politicians in Washington and their generals, yet they seem unable to think what is happening to them. They don't question that they are sacrificial pawns.
They're broken because they cannot fight like soldiers, but must be friendly diplomats of political puppeteers.
They're broken because they lay awake remembering their families and friends and home without doing what is necessary to return to them.
They're broken because they only wear the uniform, but are unable to "turn on the machine" of warfare to win.

Makes you wonder. If war is hell, why are we remaining in the fires? Has the business of war been forgotten?

Jerry 03/20/12 - 10:16 pm
My question about this entire

My question about this entire ordeal is this. Could these killings be an act of revenge for the Officers shoot in the back of their heads on base by Afgans employed by the army
All after the Quran burning event which never happened.

Actually what really happened was that one muslim saw the Qurans in a trash can ment for disposal, two other Afgans actually placed them there & were hired to burn trash by the army, they were never burned, but the lie spread that they were.
So what happened? American & Afgan people died for no founded actions, which seems to be the norm with muslims that want to kill everyone, even other muslims.

Isn't it strange that there was two families in two differant villages singled out, thats all, no others, just these two?
Free press sites have said that it was actually 20 army troops that killed & burned these two families in the two differant villages.
It was also said that one man could not have accomplished all that was done by himself in the time that was alotted here.

Personally i wonder where these rules of killing evolved from, and why do we supposed civilized folks have to abide by them when our enemies never have to do so?

We seem to be involved in a MONEYOPLY with these war games since Vietnam, maybe even the Korean, with absolutely no desire to win, but only prolong death & suffering to OUR children & family. Then we rebuild so these people can do it all again, whats with that?

I just read about the coming war games in the persian gulf & what it will cost america in lives & dollars.
It's about to start any day with Operation Bold Alligator, that has 20,000+ troops in the gulf, war ships on both sides of the Straite of Harmuz, american, british, french & australian.
6000+ troops in Israel as well as ships off their coast.

I also read that Russia is sending troops to Syria, and they already have their only aircraft carrier there of Syria's coast.

War has always been ones desire to control & impose their will, life style on others, or have others will, life style imposed on them if they loose.
But, not any longer, it's all a money making business, at least here in America. But that seems to be about to end with America now so over extended that we are spending more than the big boys want to give back, causing Americas economic crash any day now.

I think the world is about to revert back to plan A which means kill all that refuse to join in with those that weld the power & control the money, men, women & children alike killed, submit or die, no rules need apply.

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