Family finds joy with retired military working dog

Two years ago, I heard the story on Fox News about a Military Working Dog whose handler was killed in the service of his country. The broken-hearted soldier's parents adopted the dog and brought him home with them to love and care for. I have always loved animals and wanted to help one of our four footed military heros, so my boyfriend, Mike and I filled out the 11 page adoption form and sent it in and waited. Unfortunately, when I was contacted, I was not able to travel as I was with my daughter helping her with chemotherapy treatments.

Several months ago, I contacted the Retired Military Working Dog program in Lackland Air Force Base again to see if I could reapply to adopt a dog. I let them know that I could travel at any time and was ready to adopt. I was so excited to get an email from TSgt. Null and was told that he would send me a list of dogs and then he would help guide us to the best dog for us. This is when we met, Nick. He is a beautiful German Shepherd who is 8 years old. Nick served his country by working with the TSA as a bomb detecting dog. He faithfully served for over 5 years. Each dog determines how long they can work and lets their handler know when they are no longer able to perform the daily tasks required. Nick was then sent back to Lackland Airforce Base where he once again faithfully served his country. Nick's newest job was to train new dog handlers. He served there for several years and was honorably discharged.

We were notified that Nick was ready for his new life and we flew to Texas to meet Nick and to bring him home to Alaska. Nick was happy and loved to play from the moment we met him. It was love at first sight for all of us! Mike and I are proud to have Nick as part of our family and we are very lucky to be able to make Nick's life full of toys, love, lots of rides in the car, and fun.

Many more faithful Military Working Dogs will be retiring in the next year and will be looking for loving families to adopt them. For more information, please look at the Lackland Airforce Base website to find out how you can adopt a Retired Military Working Dog.


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