Blow of losing pet would have been softened with apology

This last Saturday, my family and I suffered a terrible loss. Someone drove down Beaver Loop and hit our dog that we've had for 9 years. She was an enormous part of our lives and has seen us through some very dark times. She was smart and loved us and was very much like one of my children.

This person didn't stop, didn't call me, just kept going. The kindness of another motorist and my sister brought my girl home so I could say goodbye. I had just had gallbladder surgery and was unable to get her myself.

I know that a lot of people think, 'It's just a dog." But Faith was much more than that. Faith was here for me when no one else in life was. We were awarded certificates for her excellent behavior and I taught her everything that would be needed of a certified service dog. She saw me bring home 2 of my children and was by my side always. She was my one true friend.

Please be aware of what is going on around you. Please know that when some kind of accident happens, just leaving, doesn't make it not happen. There are other people that are affected when you make bad choices, or don't pay attention. For someone to say sorry and take responsibility for their accident would have gone a long way for our family. Also know that even though it may just be a dog to you, it may be someone else's very best friend.


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