Snowmachining across private property disrespectful

I'm just curious as to when the joy of riding a snowmachine became more important than respecting the private property of local residents.
Once again, we have a example of the bad behavior of a few ruining the freedom for everyone.

Started out with only a few riding their snowmachines through my front yard and near the drainage ditch. That soon progressed to dozens riding through my front yard at all hours of the day and night and wee hours of the morning -- to within only 3 feet of my bedroom window, which obviously upsets me.

Now I am sincerely concerned these snowmachiners will run over my dog in my very own driveway. So when does a private property owner have the right to deny access to snow machines that trespass onto his property? I hate the thought of building a fence but I may not have any choice. Again the behavior of a few has created this problem. Yes, I understand that this is Alaska and there will always be snowmachines.


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