CPGH board needs change of attitude

I wanted to thank Gary Knopp for having the concern about the medical divide at our hospital and taking the time to have the round table meeting. It is unfortunate that so many were unaware of the meeting and did not attend. I agree with Mr. Knopp that the CPGH Inc. Board no longer seems to be content to just operate the hospital anymore, they want more and more and are accountable to no one. I heard the Board President give testimony that she believes that people are not dissatisfied with the operation and goings on at the hospital but with the healthcare system in general. I couldn't disagree more.

Healthcare is changing, yes, but this "join us or we are going to beat you down" attitude that the Board declares to the doctors and then in turn Administration declares to employees is what is destroying our hospital and the faith that the community has in the Board. An example of the Board's overreaching was to take place at Thursdays meeting where they were to discuss changing their bylaws to make room for yet another member who is not part of our community. The Board is supposed to be made up of local people that represent our community. Already, they have changed the Bylaws to allow a seat for an outspoken banker from Anchorage. If we need a banker, we have local bankers that are more than qualified. Spend five minutes observing this guy from Anchorage at the CPGH Board meetings and you'll have a big clue as to why there is such a divide between the Board and the community. When a doctor speaks, the banker will generally turn to his neighbor and start a private conversation, or better yet, he'll just get up out of his seat and walk about the room.

This blatant disrespect and disregard for our community's physicians is the reason for the divide, not "anxious" physicians like the Mayor declared. Changing the bylaws and inviting another out-of-towner to help operate a Board that the community clearly declared they want to keep local, is a vivid display of the attitude the Board brings to the table that is dividing and destroying our local hospital.


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