Using oil as political leverage

The past few weeks we have seen many articles about oil, both in Alaska and world-wide.


Big Oil has warned Alaskans to lower taxes on our oil, or face a going out of business situation for oil revenues in Alaska. Our state reps are trying to figure out exactly what should be done concerning this threat against We Alaskans from Big Oil if we don’t succumb to their threats and lower taxes on our oil.

At the same time our President Obama has asked Congress to do away with tax credits to Big Oil. I find this very strange that in the same week Big Oil says if they don’t get more relief it’s an out of ousiness deal breaker and our President at the same time is saying stop giving Big Oil tax breaks. What’s up with these two totally differant requests coming at the same time?

We have also this week seen  our President decide that there is enough oil world-wide that the world does not need any Iranian oil and has imposed economic sanctions against every nation that does buy Iranian oil, even those that America has huge import deals with world-wide, and even consider many as allies.

What will be the global outcome of these sanctions restricting oil from Iran, as well as the forced economic sanctions against all that refuse Obama’s plans against Iran? Will this lead to further global sanctions against all that refuse to agree with our President? Can these sanctions trickle down to individuals as well?

What will be the price we pay for fuel and all commodities world-wide and here in our remote state of Alaska, if by chance our President  is wrong about the avalibility of world oil and sanctioning Iranian oil?

President Obama says that prices will not be affected whatsoever by these sanctions against Iran, what do you think, is Obama right?
Will all items world-wide skyrocket beyond many’s means to buy the basics to survive?

Just wondering what others think about oil being used as a leverage to force people into submitting to the desires of a few, in Alaska and world-wide?


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