What happened to bike path plans?

Why did we fail this little girl? Last week we saw a little girl get hit by a car. We also saw a coward run away from doing the right thing.


My first thought was, "Where were the parents? How could they let their kids play on K-Beach?"

I know I was no different from those kids playing when I was younger. Also, in support of the parents, I know my own kids don't always listen to me.

Then I remembered the DOT. and all of our local state representatives (Mr. Wagoner and Mr. Olson) telling us that K-Beach will be repaved and a bike path from Cannery Road to Bridge Access will be added.

My first thought was, "Great! No more kids playing on the highway."
A sad thing happened between that statement to a little girl being hit by a car.

A plan is the first thing to happen when repaving a highway or building a bike trail. Then you get money for your plan, which can sometimes take a long time. In the case of K-beach, this part of the road was last paved in 1978. DOT has been planning it awhile.

So, now we have the money. The road was repaved and then DOT started looking at putting in the bike path. The state has more than $1.1 million for the bike trail project. I believe some of that money was federal. (Maybe Mr. Young, Mr. Begich or Mrs. Murkowski are reading this?)

Now, let's go back to the planning part. The DOT spends more than $600,000 on making up a plan for a bike path. I found out that this was not part of the first planning. The plan goes forward, but all they could build was a half-mile path from Bridge Access to a private driveway, which only helps two houses access the path.

"No more money," I was told. Can someone from the State or the DOT please tell me who is in charge of spending money like this and why?

If you cannot answer me, please answer to the little girl in the hospital.


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