Farm kids can't work on their family farms?

When  I was growing up on a family farm, way back during the depression, it was wonderful.  Now the President wants to make it illegal for farm children up to 18 years of age to work on their own farms.  Unionizing the farm workers.  I know that unionized men would not do the work required on a farm.  Personal experience was that my father one day brought a cardboard box into the house and put it on the oven lid to keep a baby lamb warm that was just born and its mother died. He cleaned it up and we always had ketchup bottles available and nipples to fit to feed any of the baby pigs, calves or lambs that needed to be fed. Now my responsibility as a 5- to 6-year-old was to feed that lamb several times a day until it could be but back in the yard with the rest of the sheep. I named it "Popeye" and when we went outside it followed me  around better than a dog would.

The farm was the greatest teacher of the animal world and planting and harvesting the crops. I did not think of it as work. My first cow to  milk started when I was 8, morning and night and more were added later.

In our small farming town community, the majority of the students were raised on a farm. We had some very good athletes and in 1949, we went to Iowa H.S. State tournament in Baseball. Eight of the nine starters were from the farm. We did not need thousands of dollars of gym and training gear like the schools of today need, we all started out the day by throwing around 65- to 80-pound bales of hay and straw to feed and spread in the shed. Usually 5 or more cows to milk morning and night and feeding the rest of the hogs and cattle.

I am terribly alarmed at the future of the graduating seniors of today. Never seeing any of them shoveling snow or mowing lawns, just hiding in a room with a computer and playing games -- unlike the farm boys who could take a farm over and run it after graduation. Some got started on their own. My class president went right into farming and then if you would like to see what his success was, in Facebook, type in the name of Dean Kleckner, Rudd, Iowa graduate of 1950.


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