Men who vandalized school offer apologies

I have no excuses for my action. I look back and think of how stupid it was to have even of atempted that. On my behalf I would like to apologize to the Nikiski High school, the owner of the car, and the community.

I went to Nikiski High school all my middle and high school days so I know first hand what that schools all about. The high school didn't deserve the vandalism that happened to it and I apologize for my actions.

To the owner of the car I can understand your anger. I put myself in your shoes and said if that happened to me I would be upset. I know saying I'm sorry is an understatement but I apologize from the bottum of my heart.

I understand what things like this do to a small community. What I did was wrong and wont happen again. I plan to do better in the future. I apologize to the community for what happened.

Karl Buchholz

Dear Nikiski high and middle school, their students, faculty and all affected by our actions:

Please allow me to apologize for my ignorant actions.

My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect you all deserved.

It was a disruption and kept others from learning and their jobs for days.

I am embarrassed and deeply regret my actions. I will curb my thoughtless actions in the future. I am sorry and I will properly atone for my thoughtless actions.

Roy O. Bellamy

I am so sorry. I'm Anthony; I'm 21 years old. I finally graduated from high school, and then I ruin my carrier. I'm too young to have this happen to me. So unexpected, just chilling with friends then decided to ruin my life. I'm so sorry. Plans to join the Army and get college money from the Army have all ended. Because of one very stupid choice I made I have altered my life, stomped on my dream destroyed my life. I'm so sorry.

Now I wrestle with fear within and, anger and deep sympathy. It simply not right. I apologize to: all staff members, all faculty, the elementary school, the High school, the Clarion and to all the people. I'm so sorry.

Anthony Ming


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