Time to help a man who has helped so many

I was disheartened to read about Herb Stettler's home fire a couple of days ago. I have known Herb for several years through my association with The American Legion. A few years back Herb was submitted for and was selected as the Legionnaire of the Year for Alaska. I understand he won a similar award from the VFW. These awards were for his commitment to veterans, their well-being, and his support for local veterans' issues. There's a lot of competition for these awards and being selected is an honor. Hard work with noteworthy accomplishments are what get you there, not just "wearing the hat" in the position of Service Officer.

I encourage veterans who can afford to make a donation for Herb's new digs to drop it off at one of the organizations mentioned in Thursday's Clarion article concerning volunteers who are preparing to build Herb a new home. As the article mentioned, you can go to website esialaska.org for more information. You can also drop off donations at CES Station 1 in Soldotna, or stop by First National Bank of Alaska and make a deposit into account 70670096.

I don't know all of Herb's accomplishments. However, I do know he was actively involved in the Veterans' memorial at the cemetery and the one you will see in the new Soldotna Creek Park shortly. Herb is also one of the guys they call when you or I run into a moose with our vehicle. He processes the moose, wraps the meat, marks the cut on the package and delivers it to nonprofit organizations in the local area. He also serves on the Honor Guard that attempts to attend all veterans' funerals in the local area. The list goes on.

Herb is a one-in-a-million guy and a blessing to the veterans on the Kenai peninsula. I hope we can all pitch in to help restore Herb's home.


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