Cars a death trap for unattended children

Cars are not babysitters, they are babykillers. (Recently) I took my mother to the Salvation Army in Soldotna. As I got out of our Blazer, I noticed a toddler in a car that I parked next to. I looked in the car and there was no one in there with the child. No one near the car. I went inside the store to report the unattended child. As I went back to watch over the child, I saw a woman getting in the car.  With wittnesses present I told her, "Your car is not a babysitter, cars are babykillers. If I ever find you have left your child unattended in your car again, I will call the police immediately. Do I make myself clear? Do not ever leave your child in your car alone again."  

Honostly, I should have simply called the police without notifying the manager of Salvation Army. So everyone knows, I do periodically check cars when I go to stores, as I have found children left in cars more than this one time. I will start taking pictures of the cars with unattended children, ensuring I get the plate numbers and notify the police immediately.

People, please ... if your children are such burdens to you that you cannot be bothered to take your children into the store with you, then hire a babysitter, or bring a friend with you. If you cannot do any of that, and your child is just a burden, then bring your child to CPS and tell them you no longer want the child, or take your child to your local fire department and leave, or take him/her to your local police department. Just do not leave your child in a death trap. If you dont want to do any of that to ensure safety, then I would love to have your little "burden." Please, burden me with your child, as these children are the most precious gifts God has given us. I will provide your child with a loving home if you dont want to. Don't kill your child!


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