Surprising and encouraging lessons learned

As an opponent to he recent Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center movement debacle, I learned some enlightened and unexpected lessons.


Lesson 1: The non-political, public servants of the City of Soldotna and local taxpayer, are just a group of excellent people. In particular City Manager Larry Semmons, Engineer Kyle Kornelis, Clerk Ms. Teresa Fahning, Police Chief John Lucking and a few of his officers were very diligent, accurate, and unbiased with their duties. It was great to learn that such honest and skilled professional work for "we the people" with honor and integrity.

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Lesson 2: The management and employees of the Redoubt Reporter were super-helpful and their balanced informative publication is the very best. Also K.S.R.M. radio will, offer alternative perspectives. Much thanks!

Lesson 3: Local business owners when facing issues of right and wrong, step up for sign placement and freedom of speech and expression. And when bullied by certain individuals ... more step up for public information, and rejection of intimidation.

Lesson 4: A small group of very, very, very diverse people, can come together for the common good of the majority of their neighbors. Regardless of the diversity, partisanship took a stake to the heart.

Lesson 5: Our neighbors want to be involved, want to look at the facts (both sides), want to use their minds and voices, and will respond accordingly when an issue is presented honestly and openly. Not in back room, pre-disposed, under the radar deals. They will show up for 1 oval.

My heartfelt thanks, appreciation, and respect go to all the aformentioned fantastic neighbors and great Americans.

Your Issue? You can do it, and enjoy the lessons learned!


Tue, 05/23/2017 - 11:20

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