Time to let officials know gas prices are too high

Wake up my fellow Alaskans. When are you going to get mad enough to stop the runaway gasoline prices here in Alaska? The evening news tonight reported that the national gas price had dropped to $3.73 per gallon. Here it is over a dollar higher. Why? Because we are sheep and have allowed our elected officials to tell us there is nothing they can do. They can do nothing because they are unwilling to so something for us, their constituents. Well, we can do something if they are unwilling to do it on our behalf. We can refuse to vote for any incumbent when they come due for re-election. We can vote for another candidate, and if that person refuses to do something, we can throw them out too. It is time we stopped being sheep and hold our elected officials accountable to the electorate - not big business, the oil companies, and the natural gas companies.

When the price of a barrel of oil goes up 5 cents per gallon, the price immediately goes up at the pumps. The price of crude is now at a 6 month low. What happened to the price of gasoline? Here in Soldotna, the price has risen 15 cents per gallon in the last two weeks. Today regular gasoline was selling for $4.65 per gallon, and diesel at $4.99 per gallon. Does the Governor, the Senate, or the House care about us? No. If the real reason for the prices, as stated by our esteemed elected officials, is the lack of competition, then the State of Alaska needs to purchase or build a refinery to benefit us Alaskans. That would be a real competition for the gougers. The State could then process the oil into gasoline and not even charge itself the taxes and royalties that the other refiners must pay. The Alaska Constitution states that the resources of the State are to be used to the maximum benefit of its citizens. Now, every citizen of every state, except Alaska, has the maximum use of our resources because they can buy Alaskan oil/gasoline at lower prices than we can.

This revolt will not work if only a couple of people call their elected officials. Everyone needs to call and express their complete disgust with legislators. Then, you all must remember them when they come up for re-election. We need fairly priced gasoline, diesel, heating fuels, aircraft fuels, and a sustainable supply of natural gas to heat our homes and businesses. It is up to us to fix this problem since nobody else seems to care about the financial impacts to all Alaskans. I care - do you?


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