Stay safe this summer

SoHi parking lot, a beautiful spring  day, hot dogs, and Coca Cola, all made for a wonderful Soldotna Safety Day event with all our friends and family.  All of our friends who work so hard to keep us safe were present: from law enforcement to fire department, Forestry Service, Coast Guard Auxillary to our Safe Kids Coalition. Emergency response people from Homeland Security to the Borough Emergency Response Center were present with a house that shook and information of whom to call if everything shakes apart and even how to call with the Moose Horn Amateur Ham operators were present. Safe Kids Coalition fitted kids for bike helmets. Kids were running relays to encourage everyone to live smoke free lives. There were kids from Peninsula Martial Arts dojo doing defensive karate techniques, there were kids getting their faces painted. The grand moment was the Poster Contest awards. Skyview High School had the most winners but Cook Inlet's Eliana Gale of Cook Inlet Academy  was this year's grand Prize winner. It all makes for a fun filled day.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to our Safety officials and educators. They sacrifice their time and energy to teach and encourage us to take a moment, and consider before we start a project or begin a fun activity.

The Soldotna Police Department raised money for the local DARE program through the bicycle auction of the local abandoned bikes, and the "Walk MS," even had people drive down from Anchorage to help raise public awareness and funding for the MS Society.

The third Saturday of every May, is Soldotna Safety Day. The place to see your friends have some fun and even learn a little.  See you next year.


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